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agrasen ki baoli


A couple of monthsĀ back me and my friend, after a brief lunch at Rajiv Chowk (Connaught Place), New Delhi, decided to visit India Gate. Since the weather was unusually pleasant for that time of the year, we decided to walk to our destination.

Mind you, it’s not exactly nearby so attempt this only if you have a habit of long walks. Since we both were accustomed to such long travels, we started on our journey through the amazing roads and bylanes of Central Delhi. Here I would definitely like to mention an observation I had.

Usually, Delhi is notorious for heavy traffic and pollution. However, when you walk through these internal roads from Rajiv Chowk to India Gate, you won’t find much traffic. Its very green and peaceful and one can easily walk even on a sunny day.

So, on our way we noticed a display board informing us that AGRASEN KI BAOLI was nearby. Instantly we decided to visit it as we had heard about it a lot.

A Brief History

The exact dates about the construction of this place are not clearly known but it is said that it was rebuilt in the 14th century by a legendary king Maharaja Agrasen. Now I don’t vouch for the complete accuracy of the details I have shared since that is what I found. Anyone knowing better is free to correct me šŸ™‚

A Baoli means a step well. One can usually find such wells at various locations in Rajasthan as well. So basically a Baoli has a water source which you can reach by going down the steps.

Now you may ask, why the steps?

Typically, the wells you see these days have a pulley system to pull water up from its level underground.

Maybe in historical times, people did not know about the pulley. So they made stairs going down till the water level for easy access,


Agrasen ki Baoli has been designated as a protected monument by theĀ Archaeological Survey of IndiaĀ (ASI). However, we found a decent crowd at the site. It exuberated an old world charm and instantly connected with my love for historical monuments.

It’s not exactly the most popular spot when it comes to Tourism in Delhi. However, if you have time, and you are in the vicinity, it’s definitely worth a one time visit.

If you are bollywood movie fan, you will instantly recognize the place. Many popular movies like PK and Sultan have shot some scenes at Agrasen Ki Baoli.

agrasen ki baoli

There were 3 levels of lined arches on both sides and stairs leading down into the well.

Going down seemed pretty easy. The stairs were large. However, coming up took our breath away.

My tip when visiting, don’t go down and then back up in one go. Take small breaks after some stairs to let your body take a breather.

agrasen ki baoli

Once you have reached the bottom, you will find the entrance to a small tunnel leading up to the well. Its filled will dirty water as of now and its pretty dark inside. You can find lots and lots of bats perched on the inside ceilingĀ at the bottom.

agrasen ki baoli

I also made a small video of my visit. You can watch it by clicking the image below.

If you also want to make your videos as smooth as the video below, then you can read how to do that here.

agrasen ki baoli video


I hope you liked this post. Let me know what you think in the comments. Any suggestions are most welcome as well.

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