Netflix adds a much needed feature to its Smartphone Apps!

netflix new feature


Netflix is a popular Video on Demand service. It has many movies and TV shows which users can watch anytime and anywhere by paying a monthly fee. Though the fee is slightly on the higher side when compared to its competition, Netflix has managed to make a mark for itself due to a great collection of content.

Users have the option of watching this content either on the web browser, ios or android apps or on the smart TV.





The most popular way of consuming Netflix content has always been its smartphone apps. Users love to watch content on the go either on their smartphone or on their tablets.

However, for a long time, I have found the Netflix media player in the apps to be counter-intuitive.

Many times a user wishes to skip forward a few seconds while watching a content. Its a very user-friendly feature and found in most of the competition. Amazon Prime video apps have it. Youtube also enabled double tab to fast forward and backward in its apps. 

But Netflix apps on both Android and iOS have missed the feature to fast forward. It only had a small button to go back 30 seconds.

However, the latest update seems to have fixed this issue. We now get 10 seconds forward and backword option. I have tested it on Android. But I think it would be available on ios as well. If not yet available, it soon will be.

netflix new feature
Netflix App – New Feature

If you don’t have the latest version, get it from here.

Android App – Play Store

iOS App – iTunes

It is a very welcome feature brought out by Netflix. If will surely enhance the content viewing experience for the users.

If you haven’t yet tried Netflix, I would suggest you try it once. The first month is free. I am pretty sure you will like the content available in its repository.

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