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Soon, Wifi will be available to all passengers while they travel by Air. Till now, In-flight connectivity (IFC) or Wifi services were not present on board passenger aircrafts in India. India lacked proper rules and procedures to allow this service. But now, it may soon become a reality.

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IFC or wifi services have been offered in some foreign airlines for some time now. With almost everyone using smartphones as a media consumption device, it makes sense to provide such services to consumers. 

The Indian Aviation ministry had about two years back said that IFC should be allowed in the Indian skies.

But like all proposals in India, this one has also been shuttling between various ministries, like home (for security clearances) and then telecom for working out the way it has to be done.


Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI has finally given the nod for the start of In-Flight Connectivity. The TRAI chairman announced this on Wednesday, December 13th, 2017.

The Authority will announce the rules to offer this service in the next 15 days.

Once TRAI has issued the rules related to IFC, individual airlines will be allowed to set up infrastructure in accordance with them. This will then ensure that flyers can surf the net, send-receive emails and stream media content while flying in Indian skies.

It is a really good news for all passengers, especially frequent business fliers. It will help them stay connected with their work, even when they are traveling from one city to another.

It’s amazing to finally see such services being offered on most modes of transport. Even railways are now beginning to offer wifi services on some trains. This is going on as a pilot project with more and more trains to join in the future.

But getting connectivity in the air is a major benefit to all. This is because, in trains, one can at least use mobile data. But in air travel, one does not even have access to that. With built-in wifi services, air travel just got so much better.

I just hope, all flight companies rush to offer these services at the earliest, once the rules have been announced.

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News Source: TOI

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